Joshua Graham Buchanan
6122 Waterman Blvd                                                                                   Phone: 314-443-4647
Saint Louis, MO 63112-1106                                                              
Professional Goals:
     For the foreseeable future, I intend to remain within the Operations Research / Management Science field.  I am interested in modeling aspects of planning and scheduling in the supply chain and working to more tightly couple business rules with modeling environments to produce better real world results. 
Work Experience:

Anheuser Busch's Brewing, Operations, Technology & Distribution Systems Group     2000 - Present
                                                                                                                                     St. Louis, MO

* ABPG MIMI Models –  I support the planning models used for monthly and budgetary operating plan generation for both the can and lid business.  The models were originally written in MIMI v4.26 on an AIX platform.  I have converted and updated the models to MIMI v8.0 running in a 2000/XP environment.

* PAM – I act as the backup support to the Production Allocation Model (PAM).  It is a network model written to use a proprietary network solver.  I have made enhancements involving lane grading, extended periods, and MWD overrides.

* PAM PP – I am the primary support for the PAM Post-Processor.  It is a heuristic written in FORTRAN used to smooth the shipment plan generated by PAM.  I have performed enhancements including tactical inventory planning and dynamic sourcing.  In 2001 I helped to move the heuristic from the mainframe to a UNIX machine and assumed the primary support role.

* AC Rules  -  A/C rules is a linear program used to determine the classification of products as either A or C items (shipped through a intermediary or not).   I was involved in model prototyping,  development, and testing of the OPL model used in the system.

* LAM/WPP – I act as the backup support for the Line Allocation and Weekly Planning models.  They are both AMPL models running in a UNIX environment.  I have performed minor enhancements to both models to change their packaging decisions.

International Paper's Supply Chain Technology Group                                                  1998 - 2000
                                                                                                                                      Memphis, TN

* Marginal Economics Project - I worked initially with IP's Information Technology division and later with the Corporate Profit Improvement Group on analyzing and identifying marginal effects on cost and profit in IP's paper and chemical divisions.  These effects were modeled in a tool to demonstrate to managers the relationship between production rate and marginal cost. 

* I constructed prototype optimization models that took advantage of ME data to rationalize production between IP's production facilities.  These models were built with GAMS (an algebraic modeling language) and the COR Mixed Integer Optimizer. They helped form the foundation of current ME work at IP.

* I evaluated the usefulness of the COR mixed integer as a tool for IP's SCT and Corporate Profit Improvement groups.

MS Industrial Engineering                                                                                      Summer 1998
    University of Arkansas                                                                                             Fayetteville, AR
        Concentration in: optimization, simulation, supply chain and logistics modeling.

My most significant research centered on quantifying the favorable characteristics of trucking lanes for JB Hunt’s DCS division.  This research combined with later work directly led to the transportation initiatives at Anheuser Busch that required the modifications to PAM described above.  My education was funded by projects with J.B. Hunt Trucking,  the Defense Logistics Agency, and the U.S. Army Arsenal at Pine Bluff.
        Minor in Middle Eastern Studies.

BS Industrial Engineering                                                                                       Summer 1996
  Tennessee Technological University                                                                            Cookeville, TN

    Concentration in: production scheduling, simulation.
System and Language Experience:
  Tools: Aspentech MIMI versions 4.2, 6.2, and 8.0, Ilog’s OPL Studio, EMNET network LP solver,
            GAMS and AMPL algebraic modeling languages, SIMNET & SIMAN simulation tools,
            COR mixed integer optimizer.
  Languages: Visual Basic/VBA, C, FORTRAN 90/95
  Operating Systems: Windows  NT/2000/XP, UNIX (AIX and Solaris)
  Office Automation:  MS Office(Word, Access, Excel), Lotus SmartSuite
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